About Us

The Cascina Luglio Association is located in the green lands of Lomellina where tranquility, history and good food are just some of the reasons that make it essential to visit this ancient and rural context.

Born in 2018 by the will of 5 girls with a strong attachment to the territory in which they are born, The Cascina Luglio Association aims to promote the territory of Lomellina not only under the landscape, architectural and artistic profile, but also tourism and production. To the in fact, the center of the Association’s commitment is the belief that Culture is not an end itself, but it can also be an important flywheel for the economic activities of the territory.

The main purposes of the Association are:


Mainly we want to support the territory through any form of promotion, aiming to make the Lomellina and the surrounding territories known above all abroad


Facilitate the meeting and collaboration between the members to generate new opportunities for dissemination through the sharing of experiences and making available the spaces of our headquarters


To train and inform all those who want to know and experience culture, history, landscape and gastronomy with targeted activities throughout the Lomellina area